Version 2.5 - Release Notes


There were several security improvements as well as new features introduced in the 2.5 release. Some pages were renamed. As a result some plugin hook and language entries were also modified.

Video Imports

Bulk video imports has been introduced. You simply upload your video files to the import directory and initiate the import from the Admin Panel. Videos are then imported into the system one by one.

Video Attachments

Users now have the ability to attach related files to videos. This is useful if your video references files that you want your viewers to follow along with.

Improved Security

Various security improvements have been made. Login sessions are now restricted by a timeout due to inactivity. Several improvements have been made to the way sessions are managed as well. All forms are now protected by anti-CSRF tokens.

Theme Plugins

Themes are now able to define their own plugins. Theme plugins are identical to standard plugins, and follow the same architecture and standards. The only difference is that they packaged with a theme rather than the standalone plugins directory. This allows theme developers to hook into the codebase and make customizations neccessary for to achieve the look they want for their theme.

Bug Fixes

Language Changes

The following are language entry modifications made during this release.

Name Change
session_expired New
video_basic_tab New
video_attachments_tab New
video_advanced_tab New
video_basic_tab_header New
video_attachments_tab_header New
video_advanced_tab_header New
upload_new_attachment New
upload_new_attachment_header New
select_existing_attachment New
select_existing_attachment_header New
select_existing_attachment_help New
attachments New
account_menu_header New
attachments_header New
filesize New
no_attachments New
delete_attachments_button New
confirm_delete_attachments New
success_attachments_deleted New
error_attachment New
error_attachment_file New
error_attachment_duplicate New
error_attachment_upload New
invalid_session New
browse_header New
videos_header Deprecated
success_playlist_video_removed Changed
success_playlist_video_removed_short New
error_playlist_video_not_found New
meta.account_upload.title Removed
meta.account_upload.keywords Removed
meta.account_upload.description Removed
meta.account_upload_info.title New
meta.account_upload_info.keywords New
meta.account_upload_info.description New
meta.account_upload_video.title Changed
meta.account_upload_video.keywords Changed
meta.account_upload_video.description Changed
meta.account_upload_complete.title Changed
meta.account_upload_complete.keywords Changed
meta.account_upload_complete.description Changed

Plugin Hook Changes

The following are plugin hook modifications made during this release.

Name Change
play.start Deprecated
play.end Deprecated
watch.start New
watch.end New
videos.start Deprecated
videos.end Deprecated
browse.start New
browse.end New
upload.start Deprecated
upload.end Deprecated
upload_info.start New
upload_info.end New
login.end Changed