Running a video website is resource intensive. It requires alot of RAM & CPU during video encoding. It also requires access to a fast network infrastructure for fast video delivery. Here are some options for hosting and running a CumulusClips powered video sharing website.

CumulusClips Cloud Hosting is the commercial version of our video sharing script. It is a cloud hosted version of the software. They manage and maintain both the servers and network, which are tuned specifically to enhance CumulusClips. The video script is also optimized with some commercial friendly features. Give them a try if you want to avoid maintaining both servers and software, yet want powerful video website.

Try CumulusClips Cloud Hosting

Cloud & Dedicated Hosting

We strongly recommend using a cloud or dedicated server as your hosting solution, if you can. You will be responsible for installing all the dependencies yourself. Also knowledge of Linux system administration is required, unless you purchase some type of managed service with your provider. Additonally, cloud & dedicated servers are more expensive than shared hosting. Though more technically involved and expensive, our software will operate at optimal performance, and your video website will perform much better. We suggest the following companies for cloud or dedicated servers:

Shared Hosting

If you're on a tight budget, or just want to try out the video script quickly, you use a shared web hosting server. These companies offer hosting at cheap rates and have all of the dependencies pre-installed. You only need to install CumulusClips. Please be aware that though technically compatible, some users have experienced problems with shared hosting. Below are some shared hosting companies compatible with CumulusClips video sharing script.

If you wish to suggest a compatible web hosting company to add to this list, please inform us on our community forums and we will verify and add them. Also, if you find that one of these company's infrastructure is no longer compatible with CumulusClips, let us know in the same manner, and we will update this list accordingly.

*NOTE: Please be aware that, with the exception of, we are not affiliated with the companies listed above, in any way. We merely created accounts with them ensure that they support our software.