[Fixed] site map link at footer

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when I click on site map link at footer it takes me here:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.



  • This is working as expected. It is an XML sitemap. It's meant to submit to the search engines for better indexing of your videos in search results. You can remove the link from your theme if you like.
  • Hello

    I have about 17 videos but they don't display on site map:
  • Do you have the videos set to private?
  • Hello

    Any progress on this issue?

    Or one has to add the videos to it manually?
  • hello

    There has been NO answer on this yet, which is a very important issue!

    I have use xml site map generator (is working) ,but when there is an updated; new member's, video upload, etc I have to add such manually and it should not be! Isn't this supposed to be automatically add it to the site map file?
  • Yes, the sitemap is dynamically generated. Are you sure your browser isn't caching the sitemap file?
  • Is not the browser, the site map file on cpanel was empty... that is why I use xml site map generator to populated it

    If I deleted all content from the site map nothing will be there at all I will have to do it manually again!
  • Hello

    any news?
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    It looks like the HTML in your video descriptions is breaking the sitemap generation. Open the file /cc-core/system/video_sitemap.php and on line 65, replace:


    Then go to https://cotorrea.com/video-sitemap-1.xml see if the XML file is generated.
  • it seems that still is not working!

    This is were I made the change:

    $block->addChild('description', htmlspecialchars($video->description));

    is that ok?
  • has this been forgotten?
  • This is an issue with our sitemap generator. It currently cannot handle CDATA in video descriptions. I will add this to our list of bug fixes for our next release.

    For it to work temporarily, you would need to strip all HTML from your video descriptions.
  • Resolved in 2.5
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