Import, encoding, permissions

Hello Cumulusclips Society,
I have a few questions concerning this awesome product.
1) Is there a possibility to import files from …cc-content/uploads/import automatically? For example, when new files appear in the folder (schedule, command line).
2) Is it possible that only registered users can watch the videos?
3) Do I have to re-encode the files when uploading or I can leave them as they are? My source files: AVI format, XVID, no audio, 1280p, size about 5 Mb. So, in my case, I have little benefits from re-encoding it to mp4 with the same width and bit rate.
4) My server is behind the NAT and while I access the CC by local IP (Base URL: 127.0…) everything works fine. After changing on “” and port forwarding I managed to access CC from Internet but not from local net. What could be the cause?
5) I get stuck on permission because I have little experience with Linux. My CC is running on Ubuntu Server 16.04. I have only one “User”, which I created during the installation process. This User have rights to upload files via ftp and –R 755 for /var/www/html. The User is able to upload files but “Create New Video Import” doesn’t work properly – can’t create or rename files in temp directory. After “chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www”, import works properly but…I can not write the files to ./uploads/import. So I do again “chmod User –R 755 /var/www” for uploading the files and “chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www” for importing. Where I should see to fix this issue?


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