[Solved] Call to undefined function mysql_connect()

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Hi there,
I'm running ubuntu 16.04 with php7.0 and i'm facing this issue :
- Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()
as mysql connect seems to be deprecated ...
Has anyone encountered and solved this issue ?
Thnak you


  • Php 7 is not yet supported. It will b soon. Downgrade to PHP5.3+
  • Hi Damian,
    Thank you for the quick reply !
    So i downgraded to php 5.6 and installation worked fine but i'm now having an issue while trying to upload video files : the progress bar is stuck at 0% ...
    I activated logs but i haven't got any log file so it's hard to figure what causes this ...
    Do you have any idea ?
    Thank you for your time !
  • It seems it was a permission issue this is now fixed !
    Thanks for your time and for this great product ;)
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