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So, I've got it running decently and can upload files under 100mb just fine but anything over throws errors even though in my php.ini file the max upload is well over 100mb. In the email on error I get "There was an HTTP FILE POST error (Error code #3). Video ID: 7". Any suggestions on where to go to attempt to fix this? I've made sure all the requirements have been met and they have, so I'm kind of clueless right now unless I'm missing something pretty obvious...


  • PHP upload error code #3 means the upload failed because the file was only partially uploaded. This could occur for many reasons: killed script, dropped packets

    First let's rule out the obvious. I understand you said you made sure all the requirements have been met, but please double check these PHP settings:

    upload_max_filesize = 110M
    post_max_size = 110M
    max_execution_time = 1500
    safe_mode = Off

    A 100MB video file is pretty large and can take a while to upload and process by the server. Ensure your hosting provider isn't killing off any scripts that run for a long time. This is very common is VPS and shared hosting environments.

    Also bump up the "max_execution_time" PHP setting to something like '3600'.

    I would recommend turning PHP errors 'On' and checking to make sure PHP isn't throwing any errors. Do the same for Apache, could be a timeout of some sort.
  • Here's a link to phpinfo: http://mc.craftyn.com/phpinfo.php

    I'll try upping the max_execution_time and turning on the php errors, let me know though if you see something in the phpinfo that stands out.
  • Interesting, setting the max_execution_time to 3600 worked. Thanks! :)
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