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Christoph's questions about features and capabilities


  • Hello Damian,

    what a nice script! I want to use cumulus for embedding Videos in the CMS Typo3 4.5 and the LMS Moodle.

    I have a question and an offer :-)

    First the Question

    In the Admin Panel / Video settings there are otions for encoding the uploaded Video files. Which option do i have to write into the field flv options if i need the Videos uncompressed with the original format. Is there a FAQ for the variables?

    And now the offer

    do you need a german translation? If you want, i can translate the script if you tell me how to do this.

    Greetings from sunny Hamburg
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    Hello Christoph,

    Your First Question:

    You can try -vcodec copy and remove the bitrate options (-vb 800k).

    For more details you can reference the FFMPEG documentation at:

    The settings under 'FFMPEG Options' (in Admin Panel -> Settings -> Video Settings) are directed towards FFMPEG, so ALL valid FFMPEG options will work, assuming your host supports them.

    Second Question:

    Sure, that would be great! To do this simply locate the english.xml file located at:


    Rename it to german.xml (or whatever else you like) and simply translate the value for each node, i.e.:

    <search_videos>TRANSLATE THIS TEXT</search_videos>

    Also anything in curly brackets "{}" is a placeholder and can be ignored, i.e.:

    <video_title>TRANSLATE THIS TEXT {BUT NOT THIS TEXT}</video_title>

    Let me know when you're done or if you have any further questions.

  • Hallo Damian,

    thank you for your reply.

    I have some suggestions for the further developement of cumulus.

    Perhaps you open a new thread and push my comment in these thread.

    Suggestion List:

    1. The possibility to allow access to cumulus and the videos only if you are logged in as a valid user.
    1.a. Access to an embedded video (for example in a cms) only with an encrypted Password. So that you can't copy the Link to the Video if its content is confidential.
    2. The possibility to host audio files (wav, mp3, ogg etc.)
    3. To allow more then three defined video conversion types for specific mobile devices
    (for example iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet, Android Phones, Netbooks, other devices)
    4. Auto detection of devices that access the cumulus site and delivery of the specific and optimized Videofile for that device (see bullet point 3)
    5. If Videos are embedded on other sites (for example on a Typo3 CMS Site) delivery of the device specific video file (see bullet point 4)
    6. Possibility of Video upload via FTP / SFTP.
    6.a. Possibility to upload more than one Video file at the same time
    7. Detailed statistics about the access and transfer of each video file to analyze the user behavior (how much Data was transfered, did the user consumed the whole Video). I have stored some Video Files on a Typo 3 CMS Site and i can not determine exactly with piwik or webalizer (Usage Analyse Tools for Websites) how intensive the Videos are consumed.
    8. The Possibility to choose different resolutions if you view a video (like the You Tube Videoplayer)
    9. The possibility of load balancing to scale cumulus on more then one webservers if you want to stream to lots of users.
    10. A detailed documentation of cumulus for developers and add on programmers
    11. A detailed documentation for admins
    12. Tipps for mobile device specific ffmpeg optimizations

    How can I support the developement process of cumulus?
    Is there a Roadmap with planned developements?

    Greetings Christoph

  • WOW, that's alot to take in. First, let me begin with thank you for your suggestions.

    Most of them will be included in the core application at some point.
    Others, will be left to plugins (either CumulusClips provided or community provided),
    and some won't be included at all, unfortunately.

    Below is my best attempt to address your suggestions

    1) Will be included

    Within the next couple of point releases we will adding the ability to both gate videos and make them private
    - Gated videos are only accessible to logged in users
    - Private videos are only accessible to any users (registered or not) who has the token. This token is selected by the owner in the process of making the video private

    2) Will not be included

    We currently do not support upload / management of audio or image files or think we will do so in the future

    3, 4, & 5) Will be left to plugins

    These can all be accomplished with the use of plugins.
    More specifically writing plugin to do the following:
    a) Encode videos into more formats such as the various HTML5 formats
    b) Detect the device & browser accessing the site

    Your videos should be able to play on all iOS and Android devices without any modifications, because they support MPEG-4 format videos. However the best format for mobile video playback is H.264.

    6) Will be included (further down the road)

    We will at some point allow users the ability to upload videos via FTP/SFTP and manually trigger encoding, however we are not sure when exactly this will be implemented.

    6a) Will be left to plugins

    You already have the capability upload multiple videos at once. The video uploader we use is called Uploadify. You can accomplish this with a couple of tweaks to the Uploadify settings.

    However a custom plugin is needed for the handling of the multiple uploads. (More on plugins later)

    7) Will be included / improved

    For both JW Player & Flowplayer you can tie in Google Analytics support to gain insight such as:

    a) how far a video is viewed before abandoning
    b) are videos being completed
    c) are videos being seeked on
    d) when videos are paused, stopped, restarted

    All this can be done via a player specific plugin or simple Javascript. As far as resource usage, this information lies more on the webserver (i.e. Apache) and OS level so it would be difficult for CumulusClips to gain access to that info without special system admin modifications.

    In future releases, we will however be focusing on improving CumulusClips specific reporting in the Admin Panel.

    8) Will be left to plugins

    This ties in to #3. You would need to have the video prepared in various bitrates and resolutions.

    Assuming this is already taken care of (via plugins) then it's merely a thing of tweaking your video player to accepts these multiple formats. Both JW Player and Flowplayer can do this.

    9) Will be included (via CumulusClips provided plugins)

    The two biggest pain points (resource wise) for a video are encoding and video delivery & bandwidth.

    Luckily via plugins it would be very easy of offsite the video encoding to a 3rd party service (i.e. and video bandwidth with a CDN (i.e. Rackspace Cloud Files).
    We will actually be providing two plugins to perform both of these tasks very soon.

    As far as load balancing the application itself, we feel that by allowing users to offsite the two tasks above there isn't an immediate need to allow load balancing of the core platform.

    10) Will be improved

    We already have documentation on theming / skinning the application and in the next couple of days will provide documentation on the plugin system and process of creating plugins.

    Our plugin system is very powerful and allows you to perform alot of the things you're asking for. Stay tuned for that documentation.

    11) Will be improved

    We will always be writing more and more documentation on the overall application. In the mean time, if you need help or have questions about how do something feel free to ask us here on the forums.

    Additionally we would gladly take any suggestions or requests for documentation on a certain area of the application, just ask.

    12) Will be improved

    We're limited to mobile video support via the MPEG-4 format. This is because not all of our hosts have libx264 configured properly on their shared hosting environments.

    We do however recommend using H.264 / libx264 encoding for mobile videos since you will achieve much higher quality at lower bitrates and filesizes which is perfect for mobile video playback.

    I suggest you look into using the libx264 FFMPEG codec if your host supports it.

    As far as tips, you should look into being as efficient as possible with your mobile encoding, which usually means balancing quality vs size

    As far as supporting CumulusClips (development or otherwise), here's how you can contribute:

    1) Actually deploy and use the application (report any bugs you find)
    2) We're seeking translations
    3) We're seeking plugins
    4) We're seeking themes
    5) We need people to spread the word!!! Very important.
    6) We're considering granting commit access to certain individuals (via our SVN repository) to allow user contribution, this is coming very soon.
    7) Continue to offer suggestions and make feature requests.

    We will be producing a roadmap on the site within a couple of days.
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