How-To: Move CumulusClips to Another Server

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Moving your CumulusClips site to a new server is straightforward. To do so follow the steps outlined below:

1) Create a MySQL dump (SQL file) of your CumulusClips database. Be sure to include all tables and their content.
2) Copy all your files to the new location.
3) Import your MySQL dump created during step one into your new database.
4) Make the following directories writeable by PHP/Webserver
- /cc-core/logs
- /cc-content/uploads/flv
- /cc-content/uploads/mobile
- /cc-content/uploads/temp
- /cc-content/uploads/thumbs
- /cc-content/uploads/avatars
5) (Optional) Update your paths in the settings table if they changed. These are: base_url, ffmpeg, and php.

That's all there is to it! Be sure to verify your new server meets the requirements needed for CumulusClips to operate properly, see here
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