How-To: Increase the Maximum Allowed Upload Filesize

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In this how-to we're going to walk you through increasing the max upload filesize so that you may upload bigger files to your CumulusClips site. We're going to be using 500MB as our example.

First you need to adjust the PHP settings to make sure they allow your target upload size. It's always a good idea to set them slightly higher than what you anticipate uploading, in our case since we're expecting 500M files we're adjusting the settings to 550M. Here are the settings that need to be tweaked:

upload_max_filesize = 550M
post_max_size = 550M

max_execution_time = 3600
memory_limit = 550M

Typically these settings are adjusted in your php.ini file. You may need to contact your webhost to find out where you can make these changes.

Next you need to change the filesize limit within CumulusClips. This is done in the admin panel: Admin Panel -> Settings -> Video ->Video Site Limit. Change this to: 576716800. That value is in Bytes (576716800B = 550MB).

That's it! You may want to change the text that appears on the upload page that describes the upload limit. This is only text and won't affect the actual upload. This text is located in your language file: /cc-content/language/english.xml.
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