404 error for new files I uploaded

I uploaded new files to CPanel, and changed the name of browse to browse-videos.phtml. I added the links to the header file in the navbar, but whenever I click on them on the site I get a 404 error in the page (the header and navbar still show up, but a 404 error shows up instead of the page I want). This happens for both the files I uploaded and the file who's name I changed, but the Members and Upload pages still work fine. Do I have to do something that will allow new files to be uploaded or file names to be changed?

In README.txt under File Permissions, it says:
"CumulusClips needs to modify files occasionally. To do this it needs access
to the filesystem. There are two options to achive this:

1) Make the CumulusClips be owned by the user PHP is running as. Typically
this the Apache user (www-data, apache, nobody, etc.) Giving the files
777 permissions is not enough. The files have to be owned by PHP.

2) Alternatively, if there is an FTP server installed, simply provide the
FTP credentials to the installer. The user provided needs access to modify
the CumulusClips via FTP. "

Could this be the problem? If so, how do I go about making CumulusClips be owned by the user PHP is running as?
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