I want to implement these changes

1st I would like to be able to select between webm or mp4 to upload.
2nd How can I make the mobile use the video I upload instead of encoding a seperate video.
3rd How can I tell it to use the filename it is using at the time of upload.

I hope I can get this answered in a timely manner as I am using another script and am having problems with the person who codes it. Everytime he updates it he breaks something else.


  • Ok figured out the first 2 but I would like to be able to select to use either a webm file or mp4 instead of creating 2 different ones. I am looking for anyone who wants to sharing any mods they have as I am not a coder.
  • So no help at all ?
  • Update: I am trying to make the mobile use a single webm file now instead of a separate encoded file for mobile as it takes up more space. So I need to know where to change what url the player uses to play the video.
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