Help with videojs theater mode install.

I was hoping to add something like youtubes theater mode. Would like take alot of work with the template as well ? I have already downloaded the files I am just trying to figure out how to add them if I can.


  • This is a nice idea. I would have assumed it would take some work with the DOM/template, but these VideoJS plugins make it sound like it might not take too much lifting to get there:

    Anyone else played with these at all?
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    I inserted the js file into watch template but I am not sure where to insert script code or finding the element name to toggle ?
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    Anyone ?
  • jhenry is there anyway to get in touch with you ?
  • Is this forum dead ? I could use some help on where this script code needs to go ?
  • (6 Months Later....) In case y'all are still looking for a way forward on this, I took a shot at it over the weekend and seem to have a working example here:

    Note that you'll need the CSS file in order for the button to appear, and to heed the install instructions regarding placing the javascript after videojs is included. This fiddle from the author of that library gives a good idea of how to set it up (depending on how you load the video element, you may need to wrap some of the JS in some sort of onload):

    How you find/toggle the element will depend on your theme, what elements are wrapping and adjacent to the video element, etc.
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    @jhenry, can i install and activate the new overcast theme to my video site? it seems the theme is what i want for users experience

    also is the new overcast theme responsive and adaptive to mobile?
  • You are AMAZING! thank you so much. I would like to ask if its alright if there is any other way to contact you incase something happens to this forum as I would like to ask you for advice on learning ?
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    @infernoPrime, installed the new theme and it is cool.

    My question to you, did you encountered any problem using the overcast theme on mobile, it seems i can view the browse video on mobile
  • @jhenry browse video, where you have the option of most recent, most viewed in the overcast theme is not responsive and adaptive to mobile, i guess it is a bug
  • @lendent nice catch, I think I've fixed this:
  • @jhenry Will you be doing anything else to cumulusclips ?
  • @jhenry, also when i installed https on your theme, i encountered change in css style, the theme started displaying incorrectly.
  • @lendent Do you mean the site was trying to load a CSS file without https? Did you happen to note which file it was? And if you go into admin, then to Settings -> General, is the Base URL starting with https?
  • @jhenry, the site was trying to load css file with https, that is in frontend

    base url starts with https

    i am not tech inclined but try installing https with your theme and see what happens, i guess it will give you a clue
  • @jhenry, in addition, after i installed https, css style changed and many features stopped working
  • Am having a problem with the overcast theme I went to remove this line : " type="video/mp4" /> to use only webm video and now that thumbnails say they are 404'ing and cannot be found so I have to use the cc-bootstrap theme.
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