How to update video.js?

Does CumulusClips use video.js? If so I would like to update it but I cannot locate the relevant files (possibly they have changed between versions?).

CumulusClips definitely uses video-js.css which is annotated as part of video-js v4.10.2. This is horribly out of date as video-js is up to 7.5.5 now. I tried swapping in the latest video-js.css but it just broke the player; I would now like to try update everything but I cannot locate video.js. There is a video.plugins.js in the theme\js folder - is this the same file?

(This is part of my efforts to solve an issue with the embed player controls not displaying properly with a 16:9 video.)


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    All the videoJS videos should be contained within the theme, so:


    There's also a line in /cc-content/theme/default/js/general.js for VideoJS that deals with flash fallback.
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