[solved] qt-faststart segmentation fault error during upload

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Hi! I am trying to get video uploads working, and would greatly appreciate any help.

I am running 64bit Centos 7.6 kvm v78.0.27 with my own install of ffmpeg (including all required codecs), which is located at /usr/bin/ffmpeg, and the Cumulus Clips admin control panel has been updated with that path.

Currently uploads are returning "The final H.264 file was not created. The id of the video is: 5" in converter.log (this is the entirety of the error displayed.)

A larger log generated at the same timestamp ends with "==================================================================

H.264 Shift Moov Atom Command: /home/stcadmin/public_html/cclips/cc-core/system/bin/ffmpeg-64-bit/qt-faststart /home/stcadmin/public_html/cclips/cc-content/uploads/h264/28LkzDAR3QIKU1b0fGII_temp.mp4 /home/stcadmin/public_html/cclips/cc-content/uploads/h264/28LkzDAR3QIKU1b0fGII.mp4 >> /home/stcadmin/public_html/cclips/cc-core/logs/28LkzDAR3QIKU1b0fGII.log 2>&1

H.264 Shift Moov Atom Output:"

Which seems strange because I would have expected more information after "Output:", but the file ends right there. I have uploaded the entire logfile as an attachment.

Please help! Thank you!


  • Could be a memory issue. What happens when you run the command manually from the prompt? You can copy the command directly from the log but omit the ending 2>&1
  • Thanks for the reply! This returns "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" in the terminal. The log file does not seem to have updated.
  • Okay I switched to a fresh version of qt-faststart instead of the packaged one and it works great now. Thanks!
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