The requested URL was not found on this server - on login, logout and view video

I've installed CumulusClips on an AWS EC2 instance and that's fine, the ftp and db connection test out ok. And on the first run of the site I'm directed straight to the admin page.

I've ftp'd videos to my upload folder (it fails through the admin page upload option) and done the import and that's ok too and I can watch the video while still in the admin page using the "watch" link.

If I try to watch the video either on the "go to video" link on the admin page or through the end user site view I get the error thrown "The requested URL /flamula/watch/1/samplevideo-1280x720-10mb/> was not found on this server." If I try to logout of the admin page I get "The requested URL /flamula/logout/ was not found on this server." And on trying to login from a fresh session it's "The requested URL /flamula/login/ was not found on this server."

Has anyone seen these sort of issues before and can suggest how to fix the errors?


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    It sounds like an Apache mod_rewrite issue. Ensure that module is enabled in Apache and that your .htaccess file is in the root of the script.
  • Thanks very much Damian. It's nearly there now. I enabled mod_rewrite but there was no .htaccess file so I copied the one from the downloaded install zip. Is that the correct one to use? The login/logout works now as does the video upload.

    The only issue now is that the uploaded videos can still be viewed in the admin panel by clicking on "watch" but the "go to video" option from the admin panel gives a blank white screen as does trying to view the videos from the end user screen.

    Weirdly, it all works fine on a mobile so this viewing issue is just on a desktop. I've tried in chrome, firefox and edge and they all show a blank white page. Do you know what this might be?
  • Hi Damian. Out of interest I just changed the theme to Slate and everything is working fine now so whatever issue I have with the blank page on viewing a video is to do with using the default theme
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