Unable to locate path to PHP-CLI

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I know this has been posted quite a few times in your forums and I've read most if not all of the replies prior to posting here however I appear to be having the same issues and cannot get past this error.

The following requirements were not met. As a result video uploads have been disabled.
- Unable to locate path to PHP-CLI
If you're using a plugin or service for encoding videos you can ignore this message.

I've ensured our system meets the requirements listed here http://cumulusclips.org/docs/requirements/

This is our own dedicated box running the following.

cloudLinux 7.4 Standard
WHM/Cpanel v68.0.37

any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Seems after removing this and upgrading to easyapache4 then reinstalling it auto detected my php-CLI which of course was the same location I was inputting from the beginning. /usr/bin/php We can close this as resolved.
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