Cumulus Clips Features required for an internal company server

I have the following questions:

Could I modify the front page to show a login screen before showing any content. Meaning content is locked, only registered users may see the content

3. Is there an Android /IOS App ?

4. Does cc have a Watch Folder plugin/module like this:
- Monitor folder /home/zte/saffvideos/ for any new video files
- If new video file is found, then add to conversion queue and make available for watching.

5. Please supply recommended system specifications for a linux server running Cumulus Clips to serve HD video to 250 users. Amount of videos stored on server would be ~1000

6. Could we use a cluster of many smaller servers instead of one large powerful server? For example, if we set up a server that can manage just 25 video streams, then as we need more power, we just add another server, so it can manage 50 video streams, and so on.

I tried searching the forum for the above issue, but could not find the answers. And since these are common questions for company use I thought it would be a good,comprehensive discussion of Cumulus Clips features.


  • You are looking to gate the entire site. You would need make some custom modifications to achieve but yes it can be done. At the moment out of the box you can only gate specific videos not the entire site.

    We have no native apps. We have a built-in mobile theme but that is being replaced by a responsive main theme in our next major release.

    This is not built in. This is possible, you would need to run a cron job to perform an import job when it detects new content in your watch directory.

    Serving videos is not an issue. Any standard dedicated or cloud server with a gig of ram should be ok. The tricky part is the video transcoding because that process tends to be a resource hog. An allocated core and at least 2 gigs of ram is a decent starting point.

    We will be adding clustering capabilities in a future release but cant specificly say when.

    Hope this helps.
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