Video storage location change

@Damian : We want to host our videos on a external drive (not inside the installation directory), is it feasible to change the video files location, through some setting in file/db?


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    I do not see why you cannot just copy your current "uploads" folder to the other location and ensure the same user ownership/permissions. You then would create a link to the new location. If both locations exist on the same filesystem, use a hard link. But if the locations are different file systems, use a symbolic link.

    Here is an example on Ubuntu Server to do this process.

    ## Stop the web service
    service stop apache2
    ## Move the current uploads folder somewhere else
    mv /var/www/cumulus/uploads /var/www/tmp-uploads
    ## Create an "uploads" link where it used to be and send to another location.
    sudo ln --symbolic /mnt/usbhd /var/www/cumulus/uploads
    ## Move the files to the new location
    mv /var/www/tmp-uploads/* /mnt/usbhd/uploads/.
    ## Set ownership of the files to the web service account if necessary
    chown www-data:www-data -R /mnt/usbhd/uploads/*
    ## Remove the temporary directory
    rmdir /var/www/tmp-uploads
    ## Start the web service
    service start apache2

    You should now have:

    /var/www/cumulus/uploads -> /mnt/usbhd/uploads

    Anything written under the /var/www/cumulus/uploads folder should actually be going to /mnt/usbhd/uploads

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