Categories Error 404 in Newsroom Theme because of double link... how to fix?

Hi friends, I just started with CumulusClips and are very happy with this. But I have a problem. I made four new categories, videos are sorted, everything no problem. But when I click on a category I got "Error 404".

Found out that in the DOMAIN he is doubeling the path. If I correct it manually it always jumps back. For example:

It should be:

It is;

You see, the "tv" (folder) is double. How can I fix this?

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  • Do you get these errors on all themes or just the Newsroom theme?
  • This happens in the Corporate Theme as well. There seems to be a redirect going on. I've just installed CumulusClips so can't help figuring it out yet - but this absolutely rocks for ease of customizing!!
  • Did anyone find a fix for the double link?
    I've had a look around but can't spot anything obvious
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