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Greetings! In the Newsroom template how is it possible to re-active the full features (Members ability to upload videos, messages boxes etc)? This theme is much better than the basic one!
Thank you!


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    The Newsroom theme was built intentionally to omit those features. It was meant to provide a video portal rather than a video sharing website.

    Some functionality can be enabled by simply adding links in the account.phtml template. However, alot of the functionality was not built in to the theme at all. For example rating videos, adding to playlists, etc. So even if you add the links, it simply will not work.

    The next major release of CumulusClips will contain an updated responsive theme like the Corporate, Newsroom, and Slate; as well as the ability to control which features are enabled from the admin panel. However there is no planned date for that release yet.
  • Thank you. We modified it and it is now with full functions, plus a few new ones :)
  • Did you ever get any help with your question? Thinking of trying this and want to know if forums or customer support is readily available and active.

    Chris ;)

    PS - would love to see how your site looks!
  • suzi i need to talk to you plz email me at
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