Dutch Translation

@JeroTwi Hello, would it be possible if you could update the Dutch language file you provided to us. There have been a few minor updates since you originally submitted the translation.

If it makes it easier for you, you can send it via a pull request at our GitHub repo here:



  • Hey @Damian, did you ever hear back from JeroTwi? I am Dutch as well and can finish/update it if necessary. Do you guys keep track of what language tags were added/modified/deleted between versions?
  • Hi @GreenMotion, that would be awesome. Thanks for following up on this. We do track the language entry changes in the release notes, but it would be a pain going through all of those different pages.

    Your best bet is do a file compare and see what was added or removed, and lastly give all the entries a quick look to make none of the original strings changed.

    I personally use Araxis Merge but there are other software to do file comparisons, even free ones.
  • It's been a while since I did a pull request so I hope I did it right. :-)
  • @GreenMotion Awesome. Your PR has been approved and merged. Thanks for your help!
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