How do I customize the base page?

Hello, I recently installed this via Softaculos into Fastcomet hosting, I am unable to find how to customize my root website. I can only find how to add files, not access the ones already there.


  • I'm not sure what you are referring to but it sounds like what you are asking would be better suited for your web host's support team.
  • edited April 2018
    I think he is talking about the theme's "index.phtml" file in "cc-content/themes/default/index.phtml" More specifically, the slideshow which cannot be modified by using just the admin panel / page editor.

    To anyone wondering the same, just edit that file and delete everything in the "slideshow" div section which starts on line 14 and ends on line 75. The slideshow_nav div line just after it can be deleted to but doesn't harm anything leaving it either.
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