Responsive theme for desktop, mobile and tablet

I do not know English well enough to apologize for the advice


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    What is your question?
  • i think he is looking for a 100% responsive theme, currently cumulus uses 2 themes, one for desktop and one for mobile.
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    I'm not looking, just waiting.
    Damian said that will be released in future versions. Offcanvas menu is a very complicated element with many pitfalls. Jasny's solution is also not good enough. Good enough solutions are sometimes found on, but there are problems with the integration in the GPL software. I was looking for the Bootstrap, but did not find.
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    there is no such problem with GPL software, you buy the theme yourself on tmmonster is yours to use according to their license, i am sure you can integrate it yourself to be used on your website. Now if you mean to fully integrate a tmmonster theme and release a GPL software like Cumulus with it, not only defeats the purpose of open source but it would have to be licensed probably making it not free anymore. Now i agree that something newer 100% responsive like Bootstrap or Pure should be a default. We are in 2017 at least my traffic is 90% mobile.
  • We are moving in the direction of responsive. Our last 2 themes were responsive and made use of Bootstrap. All themes moving forward will continue to do so.

    Version 2.5 will be out in a few days, but version 2.6 will be released around May. It will contain a new default theme which will also be responsive with Bootstrap.
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