How to approve Pending Videos ?

** I cant find any link or module to Approve Pending videos.
** And Even my Auto-Approve is Enable, the videos are still Going in Pending Category.
** How to Place videos in Page ?
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  • If videos end up in pending, there most likely is an encoding error somewhere. Perhaps with the final thumbnail generation. This is especially likely if you have it set to "Auto Approve".

    If you look in your cc-core\logs folder, you will see various log files .. one for each video that was uploaded. Have a look at those logs and see if you notice any errors in those logs.

    Post back here and we can further troubleshoot.

  • I'm facing the same issue
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  • same issue. I installed using softaculous if that makes a difference.
  • In admin browse wideos pull down to aprove
  • Same issue. Nowhere to pull down anything and it seems that since 2016 the problem has never been addressed.
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    I'm running into this too. I posted the error log in the public_html folder where you can see it. I had to add .txt to the file name so you can access it:
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