Portuguese translation and email template

Hello guys,
I have worked with customization and plugins in CumulusClips.
I developed a plugin to create public and private video channels, as well the portuguese translation.
But even if I define language as portuguese, the email messages are sent in english.
Is there a way to translate the email templates without modifying the default content files tpl?


  • You asked at just the perfect time!

    Our next release, v2.4, will allow admins to customize the text of all emails from within the admin panel. This allows you to have custom email content without having to modify the default content and losing the changes during updates.

    Version 2.4 is complete and being prepped for release. We estimate it should be available in about a week.
  • Damian, thanks.
    Then I'll wait for the next release, and then test the ldap plugin.

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