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Dear all,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for a great piece of software. We are using it for our videos, to share them with our friends, etc. The only thing I would like to add into this (which may be not so hard) is automatic change of filename extension. Our camera is recording in MTS file format and it is just mp4, We have to rename all our videos (change our filename extension) in order to upload them to our website. Would it be possible to add a piece of code somewhere, just to rename this one filename extension and the system would work with it after it?

Also, we would like to upload some mp3 from our night sessions, however, I read in some previous discussion (year 2011 I believe) that you are not planing to include this type of files (audio only).

Anyway, I would like to thank all of you in advance, who would help me with the "automatic filename extension exchange".

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  • Hi David,

    To add MTS support add 'mts' to the acceptedVideoFormats array in the file /cc-core/system/bootstrap.php on line 52. Then try an mts video upload.

    Let us know if it works and plays on the site so that we could make it built-in to the script.

    As far as audio, we have no plans to support audio. However you are able to upload audio files into the File Library in the Admin Panel. That will allow you to host any type of file including audio and provide you with URLs to your files that you can add in video descriptions or other places.
  • Hello Damian,

    Works like a charm. However, file uploads keep giving me:

    The following errors were found. Please correct them and try again.

    - Invalid file upload

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    I'm able to upload whatever I want since last update :) Thank you. Would it be possible to add files-upload page into the https://sitename.domain/account/ page ("Manage Media" section)? It would be very helpful. Thank you guys again for such a great work. I can offer you the Czech translation if you are interested.

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