Translate spanish

I have the version file language in spanish without not found who upload file to website or reference to the person to whom it should be sent .


  • Hello,

    If I understand you correctly, it sounds like you have created a Spanish translation file and would like to submit it to be listed on our website. Is this correct?

    If so, simply send an email to:

    addon-submit [at] cumulusclips [dot] org

    Please attach the file and provide your name, and website to the email so that we can give you credit for your work. Once we receive your email, we will post your submission to our website under the "Add Ons" section.
  • Hello,

    We received your language pack submission. We listed it here:

    We linked to your forum profile since you didn't provide a website. If you have a Twitter account, GitHub account, or website, please let us know and we will update the link.

    If you ever need to submit updates for your language pack to us, you may simply send the updated file in an email message to the same email address:

    addon-submit [at] cumulusclips [dot] org

    Thank you very much for your contribution.
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