How-To: Fix 404 Error on Every Page

edited December 2015 in How-Tos

A common issue is that user's will receive "404 Page Not Found" errors when navigating several pages on their CumulusClips site. Yet, the Admin Panel works fine. There are a couple known causes for this issue.

First Possible Cause

You are probably missing the ".htaccess" file.


Make sure you have the ".htaccess" file located at the root of the script. It is a hidden file. If the file is missing from your web server, you'll need to re-uploaded. It is provided in the CumulusClips archive you downloaded.

This happens when you perform "mv", "cp", or similar from the command line which doesn't automatically move hidden files.

Second Possible Cause

You instance of Apache doesn't have URL rewrites enabled or even installed.


Make sure the "mod_rewrite" module is enabled in the Apache config and the vhost configuration for your site has the "AllowOverride" setting is set to "All". If you're using a shared web host, they can help you with this.

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