LDAP plugin - Help needed

Hey there,

First of all a big thank you to Damien and his Team for the great job. I've tested a lot of Open Source Platforms such as Kaltura and Mediadrop and have to say CumulusClips is really by far the best free web application to build a video hosting platform similar to Youtube, Keep up the great work!

I'm currently looking at the possibility to write an LDAP plugin, but I'm mainly a Network & Systems Engineer with limited PHP knowledge and it's therefore something very time consuming for me :).

The actual authentication of the user, either via mod_ntlm (SSO) or LDAP script is something I already did in the past and is not the problem.

But the plugin gives me some headaches, I guess somehow I have to match the authenticated LDAP user with the user ID of the CumulusClips user to set the session variable. Second idea I have is to set the same password for all users and to replace the default login form in the theme with an LDAP authentication form that automatically logs on the user with the default password, once authenticated

If anyone can give me some hints or share his plugin or some code snippets, I would be very grateful.



  • Hello Marcus,

    Our apologies, for some reason your post was marked as spam incorrectly. We just uncovered your post. If you still need help with this, please let us know.
  • Hi Damian,

    No problem, I was just wondering if I did something wrong. Actually I'm again not sure if this reply went through, thus apolagize any double posts please.

    I was able to solve my problem, but not via a plugin. I have modified the theme (mainly the login.phtml file) and have now a custom login form that authenticates via LDAP first and once that is successful, another form gets silently submitted with a fixed "local" password via Java script.

    In addition to the modification above I have added a checkbox to make local authentication (as user admin for example) possible as well and I have changed the user registration form so that users don't have to set a local password.

    I know it's not the cleanest solution, but if anyone is interested into the code I've used within the login.phtml, I'm happy to share it here. Just let me know.

    And if anyone wants to share his solution via plugin I would still be interested of course :-)

    Have a great day.

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