Background image or video.

Hi Damian
There is a way for insert a background animated image or a fullscreen background video like this website?

I've successfull changed the colour modifing the main.css file.

Tnx for your great work


  • Hi,

    I can't see the website you linked to because it's restricted to users from Italy only.

    To answer your question, yes it's possible to create a fullscreen video background. There is nothing specific required from CumulusClips to do this, you just need plain HTML and CSS. A quick Google search on how to create a fullscreen video background will get you what you want.

    If you wanted to implement this effect on your homepage, you would edit some of these files:


    Also make sure you create a custom theme first. Otherwise any changes you make to your theme will be lost during updates. See this How-To article which explains how to create a custom theme by copying the default theme:
  • Tnx a lot Damian. I have do it. Take a look.
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