URL Not Found

Install went fine and I have been able to modify the logos to my now. It is when I click any tab to - Admin - Videos - Members - Upload - etc.
It gives me an error that the "URL/whatever" was not found on this server
Any help is appreciated


  • Make sure you have the .htaccess file located at the root of the script. It is a hidden file.

    If the above doesn't fix it then also make sure mod_rewrite is enabled in the Apache config and your vhost has AllowOverride set to "All". If you're on a shared web host then the mod_rewrite and AllowOverride should already be fine.
  • I deleted my old website from the server to make this my new site. Do I need to delete the htaccess from before this install ?
  • The script comes with it's own .htaccess file. If you had one previously, then replace that one with ours.
  • Thanks, it did not overwrite my existing file on install. Works good and looking forward to your script. Thanks Damain, so very much!
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