99% upload error with large videos [solved]

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Upload with a 350 MB file failed, after 99% upload, the upload started again or nothing going on .


  • If you're using Chrome, or FireFox, open the JavaScript console when you first arrive on the page. See if there are any JavaScript or HTTP/AJAX errors when the upload fails. Let me know if you see any.
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    There is only 1 error to see in JS after login in my website :
    setTimeout(function() { content.document.getElementById('SL_result').style.minHeight="40px"; }, 1000);

    And 1 error in HTTP :
    [HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 74ms] http://-mysite-/register/image.png
    (btw: there isnt a folder /register/ in Cumulusclips..)

    Everything I do then, come no more error messages.
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    Try changing the Apache config setting "LimitRequestBody" to: 0

    Then try that large video file again.
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    Thx for help Damian it works now , i set "MaxRequestLen 367001600" for 350mb
    in the apache config file
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