UvmTube: Streaming video from and for the University of Vermont (UVM)

Built with Cumulus Clips 2.2, JWPlayer 7, and Wowza Streaming Engine 4.2 . Many core file edits were necessary, need a git repository soon. Now, if I could just cross the 2GB file upload barrier it would be so sweet (mmm, and chunky!).



  • Excellent!

    Was this part of a student project or was this setup by the school staff?

    Also, how did you manage to capture live video and send it to Wowza?
  • Also, where are you hitting this 2gb limit?
  • Really cool. Would you mind sharing your "Category pulldown menu" edits? How did you integrate with external authentication?
  • Damian: this is the pet project of one University of Vermont IT staff person, currently attached to the Center for Teaching and Learning and formerly Academic Computing Services. Plan is to open it to select campus early adopters this fall, and really go live come January. Promoting it as a low cost alternative to Kaltura, ShareStream, MediaCast and Ensemble.

    While we are using Wowza for live streaming of a current construction project using a variety of IP Network cameras (see https://uvmtube.uvm.edu/stem/embed_stem.php?id=1 ), our CumulusClips (CC) installation only leverages Wowza's Video On Demand (VOD) streaming functionality. Content uploaded to UvmTube is streamed from Wowza to JWPlayer Premium using Apple HLS via SSL HTTPS. JWPlayer on Safari or iOS supports HLS via HTML5; via Flash on Chrome, IE and FireFox. Both Wowza and JWPlayer claim MPEG-DASH HTML5 support, but I'm finding it flaky.

    2GB Limit: We are a RHEL shop. Current supported version of PHP is 5.3.3 . File uploads > 2GB introduced in PHP 5.6 . Working with my people to upgrade, but that might not happen for a while. Couldn't get chunking to work with "jQuery File Upload Plugin," thinking of replacing it with plupload, which I know better.

    GreenMotion: videos.phtml, change to

    <?php foreach ($category_list as $category): ?>
    /videos/<?=$category->slug?>/" title="<?=$category->name?>" ><?=$category->name?>

    <?php endforeach; ?>

    Actual categories derived from UVM Admissions pages http://www.uvm.edu/academics/majors_minors_and_graduate_programs

    Identity management is WebAuth, developed at Stanford University http://webauth.stanford.edu/protocol.html . It interfaces with institutional backends (LDAP and Kerberos). used .htaccess files to mark urls containing login as requiring authentication, WebAuth does the rest, and includes username and select LDAP data in $_SERVER array. Then Wrote a plugin. Surprisingly simple.
  • We were exploring adding LDAP, SAML support. I'll recommend WebAuth as well. We were also looking at Wowza, Red5, Ngnix streaming integration. I'm glad someone could actually benefit from those features.

    I noticed the upload limit change in php5.6 but I thought that only applied to 32-bit systems. I was under the impression that limit was 16gb for 64-bit. Also make sure you look at the LimitRequestBody setting in Apache hat can cause issues with uploads.

    We are happy you chose our software for your project. I spoke with our team and we decided to provide you dedicated support. If there is any assistance you need let us know and our team will assist you at no cost.

    All in all, wow, great job.
  • Hello Waw and Damian

    could you please be so kind to share your plugin for the webauth and LDAP authentication please.
    I am a big fan and user of cumulusclips, but i lack the programming skills to write my own plugin.

    Thanks in advance
    CVO Lethas Brussels
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