500 Internal Server Error when install

Dear sir,, please can you help
when I install the script I have this problem : 500 Internal Server Error
I follow the document for install and fix the permissions to the folders

I have dedicate server (centos) , and I update the appache to the last version with php
everything is work fine with another scripts and .htaccess in all my sites ,, but this script I don't know what is the problem

please can you help

thank you


  • Hard to troubleshoot without additional details. Your webserver will report errors in a log file called "errors" (or something similar). Unless you configured it differently, these normally go into /var/log/httpd/xxxx. Can you look through that logfile and see if you can find the corresponding error. Once you report back here, we can have a better look at what is going on.
  • sir,, there is no folder or file like this name log/httpd/ I found only log folder inside cc-core and it is empty
    please check my site

  • Did you already install the software? Is mod_rewite enabled in Apache? The could be Apache error logs in either:


    Those are the typical Apache error log locations on CentOS.
  • I didn't install it ,
    yes the apache enable mod_rewite
  • please give me your email,, and I will send you my username and password for the cpanel
    if you can help me please
  • Before we do that, please create a php info file at the root of the site. Name the file: info.php and add this content to it:

    <?php phpinfo();

    Let me know when it's there and provide us a link to it. We will review to see if there is something missing in your php settings. If that doesn't work. Then we can move forward with other steps.
  • I add it ,, see the link please
  • I don't see anything wrong at first glance in your Php info, other than short post_max_size, but we can deal with that later.

    There seems to be some missing library that is causing the 500 error. Send your SSH and cpanel credentials to support@cumulusclips.org and one of our engineers will take a look.
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