Cannot Setup Video Upload

I followed the directions to upload FFMPEG to /cc-core/system/ffmpeg however at first it was telling me that I was missing the php path, now it just gives me a '404 - Page Not Found' error and does not save my settings.
Please advise.


  • Do you see the 404 error only when saving the new FFMPEG path? Or on all pages?

    If only when changing the path, what happens when you leave the path alone and change another setting on that page and save?
  • Only when saving the new FFMPEG path.
    I turned-off mobile encoding and deleted the php path and it gave me an error message instead of a 404 page error:
    "Settings have been updated, but there are notices.

    The following requirements were not met. As a result video uploads have been disabled.

    - Unable to locate path to PHP-CLI
    - Unable to locate FFMPEG

    If you're using a plugin or service for encoding videos you can ignore this message.
  • Does it matter that I'm using a shared hosting account or that the domain I installed this into is an addon domain?
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