Add Ons

Extend your CumulusClips powered video website with with plugins, themes, and language packs. Add ons are contributed by both the CumulusClips team and community members. To have your addon reviewed and listed send us an email to addon-submit [at] cumulusclips [dot] org.


Themes control the look and feel of your video site. They allow you to make changes to the view and are safe from updates to the core system.

Available Themes

Slate - by CumulusClips

Newsroom - by CumulusClips

Corporate - by CumulusClips

Barren - by CumulusClips


Plugins are sets of files that allow you to add custom functionality to your CumulusClips video sharing website. Plugins are the preferred way of customizing your site over modifying core files. This is useful because your features remain after updates.

See our plugin guide for instructions on how to create a plugin.

Available Plugins

User Registration Captcha - by CumulusClips

Language Packs

Use language packs to provide additional languages to your users or to set the default language for your video sharing website to something other than English which ships by default with CumulusClips.

Available Language Packs

Russian - by Jar

Dutch - by JeroTwi

Simplified Chinese - by zhujinhe

Spanish - by RFl├│rez

French - by Devosi