Version 2.3 - Release Notes


This release introduces several new Admin Panel features to enhance the content management aspect of CumulusClips. There were also several bug fixes, plugin hook changes, and language entry changes.

FFMPEG Included

The latest versions of FFMPEG & qt-faststart are now packaged into CumulusClips as static builds. No more having to rely on pre-installed versions of FFMPEG from web hosts! Thanks to John Van Sickle for dedicating his personal time to building these static binaries.

File Library

Arbitrary file uploads were introduced. These files are web accessibile and can be anything, i.e. images, PDFs, MP3s, Word & Excel docs, CSS, JavaScript, etc. The uploaded files can then be referenced in custom pages, within CSS & JavaScript, and even on 3rd party websites.

Moderator User Role

A new user role called 'Moderator' was created. This allows admins to delegate content related actions to a trusted user. Moderators can access the Admin Panel just like an admin. However they don't have access to system altering actions such as Appearance, Plugins, and Settings.

Prevent User Registrations and Video Uploads

The ability to close user registrations was added. This is useful when admins want to prevent users from creating accounts. Additionally, the ability to prevent normal users from uploading videos was also added. When this is activated users cannot upload videos, only staff members can.

Custom CSS & JS

The ability to write custom CSS and JavaScript from the Admin Panel was added. An admin can use this feature to bypass the theme to add custom CSS & JS to the UI.

Login & Logout Improvements

The login form now supports referrer redirects. This allows a user to be redirected to the page they were previously on after logging in. In addition, a message is now displayed on the home page notifying the user that they have successfully logged out.

Bug Fixes

  • Keeps track that forgot password form was submitted after successful submission
  • Adds missing styling to password mismatch error message during password change
  • Makes user's video count only consider public videos
  • Updated sorting on member's playlists query to match the query from the load more playlist AJAX script
  • Fixes 404 error thrown when switching languages
  • Prevents public URL access of private videos to all users except for owner
  • Removes HTML fragment visible in modal when previewing theme in Admin Panel

Language Changes

The following are language entry modifications made during this release.

Name Change Text
success_logout Change "You have successfully logged out."
playlist_login Change "<![CDATA[You must <a href="{URL}">login</a> to add videos to your playlists.]]>"
comments_login_register New "<![CDATA[<a class="login-link" href="{LOGIN_LINK}">Sign In</a> or <a class="register-link" href="{REGISTER_LINK}">Register</a> to post comments.]]> "
comments_login Change "<![CDATA[<a class="login-link" href="{LOGIN_LINK}">Sign In</a> to post comments.]]>"

Plugin Hook Changes

The following are plugin hook modifications made during this release.

Name Type Change Location
login_redirect Filter New /cc-core/controllers/login.php