Version 2.2 - Release Notes


Version 2.2 of CumulusClips saw a re-skin of the admin panel. System generated CSS & JS were introduced, as well as programmatic body CSS hooks. There were also some bug fixes as well.

Admin Panel Re-Skin

The admin panel skin was updated to be more inline with the desktop and mobile themes. The admin panel has Bootstrap integrated into it. The text editor for pages, TinyMCE, was updated to the latest version.

System CSS & JS

A new feature was added allowing for a system generated CSS and JS file to be rendered and attached to the desktop themes. This allows plugins to output CSS & JS in a central place.

Body Tag CSS Classes

The ability to programmatically add CSS classes to the body tag in the desktop theme was added. A developer can call the method View::addBodyClass with a CSS class as an argument and that class name will be appended to the body tag in the desktop theme.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes error with uploading plugins in the admin panel
  • Fixes video playback issues in mobile theme on Android (version 4.4.2+)
  • Fixes bug that occurs when removing parent comments in a comment thread

Plugin Hook Changes

The following are plugin hook modifications made during this release.

Name Type Change Location
view.render_body Filter New /cc-core/lib/View.php
router.static_routes Filter New /cc-core/lib/Router.php
css.system Filter New /cc-core/system/css.php
js.system Filter New /cc-core/system/js.php
register.validation Filter New /cc-core/controllers/register.php