Version 2.2.1 - Release Notes


Version 2.2.1 introduces various bug fixes and a couple of new language entries

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes admin panel video upload bug with videos that have mixed case extensions
  • Increases the view counter when loading embedded videos
  • Fixes misspelled form label in admin panel video settings page
  • Throws error when resetting avatar fails
  • Fixes avatar upload bug with avatars that have mixed case extension
  • Fixes undefined variable notice for webm & theora videos in embed theme file
  • Updates flv extension to mp4 in video sitemap
  • Allows private videos to be embedded
  • Fixes bug allowing special characters in usernames during registration
  • Shortens mobile view opt-out to 12 hours
  • Makes slug in video page url optional
  • Fixes links to video page for private videos
  • Prevents subscriber notification of new video when video is private
  • Prevents directory browsing
  • Adds posix, exec, and curl checks to installer

Language Changes

The following are language entry modifications made during this release.

Name Change Text
error_avatar_reset New "We were unable to reset your avatar. Please try again later."
error_generic New "We were unable to complete your request. Please try again later. If you continue to experience problems using this feature please <a href="{HOST}/contact/">contact us</a> for further assistance."