Version 2.1 - Release Notes


Changes made in CumulusClips version 2.1 revolved mostly around the mobile experience. There were also some plugin hook and language entry changes.

New Mobile Site

The mobile theme was completely rebuilt using jQuery Mobile (v1.4.5). Cleaner styling was applied to the mobile theme. New features introduced in the mobile site were:

  • Login Capability
  • Upload Videos
  • Switch language on mobile site
  • Post comments on videos
  • Browse personal playlists and videos (watch later, favorites, my videos)
  • Search suggestion
  • Redirect directly to mobile video play page when browsing a video on desktop site
  • Bypass mobile redirect for routes (programmatically)

Plugin Hook Changes

The following are plugin hook modifications made during this release.

Name Type Change Location
mobile_languages.start Event New /cc-core/controllers/mobile/lanaguages.php
mobile_languages.end Event New /cc-core/controllers/mobile/lanaguages.php
mobile_watch_later.start Event New /cc-core/controllers/mobile/watch_later.php
mobile_watch_later.end Event New /cc-core/controllers/mobile/watch_later.php
mobile_favorites.start Event New /cc-core/controllers/mobile/favorites.php
mobile_favorites.end Event New /cc-core/controllers/mobile/favorites.php
mobile_my_videos.start Event New /cc-core/controllers/mobile/my_videos.php
mobile_my_videos.end Event New /cc-core/controllers/mobile/my_videos.php
mobile_upload.start Event New /cc-core/controllers/mobile/upload.php
mobile_upload.end Event New /cc-core/controllers/mobile/upload.php

Language Changes

The following are language entry modifications made during this release.

Name Change Text
featured_videos New "Featured Videos"
recently_added New "Recently Added Videos"
menu New "Menu"
close New "Close"
success_logout New "You have been successfully logged out"
choose_language New "Choose a Language"
search_header Change "Search Results"
results_for Change "Results for"
search_body Removal -
comments_header Change "Comments"
mobile_upload_header New "Upload a Video"
upload_button New "Upload"
post_video_button New "Post Video"
success_video_upload New "Your video has been successfully uploaded. Please allow several minutes of processing before it is available viewing."
error_video_upload New "Invalid video upload"
comments_login Change "<a class="login-link" href="{LOGIN_LINK}">Sign In</a> or <a class="register-link" href="{REGISTER_LINK}">Register</a> to post comments."