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  • Hence the gateway error - my imports completed fine. some php error occured - but videoes show ok. If start the application from an IPAD- ( I guess mobile mode gets started) - but now I do now see any thumbnails.. I switched off in settings WEBM …
  • A second thought- If I could do encoding of my PC and upload the files and do the sql stuff- is there any doc about where I upload the resulting files and what sql do I need to do to be able to show the video's ? is there a FFMPEG - for windows out…
  • I got 504 gateway timeout on encoding..... file is 2,2 GB mp4- so I might to cut in 2 parts.. OR skip encoding in some way and upload the file to some folder cumulus use. I hardly need a mobile encoding. I dont know what to do now... please check o…
  • also- I changed video size settings to 2,4 GB , abut the php values on my host could not be set that high. What I think I need is this: php values upload_max_filesize = 2400M post_max_size = 2400M Recommended: max_execution_time =7200 memory_lim…
  • HI! Wonderfull - someone did actually answer. I succeded again with your advice BUT should not the applications files be in a non-public area?! Under home/domain? See this -https://community.reclaimhosting.com/t/understanding-folder-structures-in…
  • Anyone?! Where should I upload the Cumulusclips folder ? to the root of public_html or outside the public_html folder? In case 2 - how can I install it?
  • did you get hold of someone? I have installation questions... so I am on a very basic level..