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  • Yes this is by design. Only admins can remove accountsHowever it is a good idea. I will suggest it to our team.
  • Does the username have any characters other than letters and numbers?
    in password error Comment by Damian July 25
  • The script uses the FFMPEG binary that comes pre-packaged with the script. It ignores any other installations of FFMPEG on the server. FFMPEG does not have anything to do with the admin panel or loading it in a browser. What specific errors are you…
  • That JSON response you posted means the request actually made it to the upload handler. When it fails there, it fires off an email to the admin with the reason the error occurred, see /cc-core/controllers/ajax/upload.php line 79 & 121. Check you…
  • Can you share a link or screenshot so that we can see what you mean.
    in Newsroom theme Comment by Damian July 19
  • You would need to manually enter the video into the videos table. Next upload the H.264 encoded video to the /cc-content/uploads/h264 directory, as well as a jpeg thumbnail into the /cc-content/uploads/thumbs directory.
  • It's no longer maintained. It was for version 1 of Cumulusclips.
  • Are you using PHP-FPM? If so, the config for the FPM sometimes declares different locations for error logs. Also are there any error logs defined in any of the Apache config or vhosts config files? Was the snippet from above from your access or err…
  • For $20-$40 USD a month you can get a dedicated server on either Digital Ocean or Linode. The script comes with FFMPEG bundled already so you wouldn't need to worry about that. You would just need to install the LAMP stack. The only thing I would n…
  • Yes, its technically possible, but its a very manual process. What is your budget? Im sure we can find a cheap web host.
  • I don't think your video is making that far into the transcoding process. If it was, you would see logs in /cc-core/logs and in the admin panel detailing the issues. Your request is failing before that, most likely at the Apache or PHP level. Check…
  • You can run the script no problem without ffmpeg, but you need ffmpeg to upload new ones.
  • Try increasing the post body size in Apache. Add one of these to your Apache comfig depending on which setup you have: Apache: LimitRequestBody 104857600 Ngnix: client_max_body_size 1m Apache mod_cgi: MaxRequestLen 104857600 Apache mod_fcgid: FcgiM…
  • Not out of the box. Videos are provided by standard http progressive download. So they can be downloaded at any time. You would need to implement a custom temporary token system to only allow authorized users to access the video file. This can be d…
  • Did the installer require you to provide FTP credentials or did it simply skip that step?
  • I'm not sure what you mean by minimum. Any error reporting level other than strict or deprecated should be fine.
  • The REGEX validation in the installer is too strict. I have reported this to our engineering team. In the mean time, here is a work around so that you can install the script. Open and find: /cc-install/site-details.php line 26 And replace it with:…
  • Let's forget about the .htaccess for a second. Looking at the discussion you referenced, I'm not entirely sure the member knew what he was talking about. What are you entering in the "Base URL" field? It has to be a complete URL. So if you're using…
  • The .htacess file is hidden. You need to use ls -a to see it. It is located in the root of the script.
  • You can reset the password using MySQL. Run this query: update users set password = md5('[your-new-password]') where user_id = [admin-user-id] Make sure to replace the placeholders and table prefix if you have any.
  • It means the PHP user owned the files at the time of installation. However now there is an owner mismatch somewhere. Changing permissions does nothing because the script goes by the owner, not the permissions. To figure out what exactly is the issu…
  • That is strange, given that we have 2 safeguards in place to protect against that. If you try again do you still get that error? Do you get that error for all large files or just this one? That error usually means the connection to your MySQL serve…
  • The url changed. Its now /browse/categoryname
  • It sounds like the forms in your theme weren't updated. You can use the default theme temporarily until you update your old theme. Login to your database and in the settings table set the active theme entry to a value of "default". At that point the…
  • Can you provide me with links to these two files so that I can help debug the problem: /cc-content/uploads/temp/NmUuZZWsr4b2qQhlsz8a.mp4 /cc-content/uploads/h264/NmUuZZWsr4b2qQhlsz8a_temp.mp4
  • Is the video just black and does not play? If so, does this always happen or only when you log out and see the green message?
  • Yes, that file is specific to the theme.
  • At the moment you have two options: 1) Create a plugin that hooks into the controller and runs the query the way you want 2) Add the query to the theme file and use those results instead
  • Good catch, thank you for reporting.
  • This most likely will not happen. The reason is because that is a theme suggestion. Theme developers are free to sort, filter, or not display categories at all, however they feel appropriate for their theme. I see little value for adding sorting ca…