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I do another topic, because I can't update the previous.

First problem, when we are'nt connected we see only the description of the video, but it's impossible to play the video directly. (We can use the tags to search video and play). See attach file.

Twice problem, a 'gated' video can be seen by a member not logged in. (its works fine with corporate and cumulusclips)

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  • The gated video issue is a bug that should be corrected. Thank you for reporting this.

    I don't understand what you are describing in your first issue.
  • When I am disconnected my webpage is like the the attached file "disconnect.png".(attached with my first message)

    But I should see the videos which are public.
  • Is the video just black and does not play? If so, does this always happen or only when you log out and see the green message?
  • Yes the video is black, I can't play the video.
    It's always :-( (cf capture file)
  • Sorry, the Atach file.
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