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how create new pages is mobile version?


  • This is not possible. You would need to modify the core code to achieve this which is not recommended.
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    But I needed. this code changes in what file? eg page where indicated? I would add a new
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    I do not want to run ahead of a locomotive ;) Let's wait for version 2.5. I hope soon
  • You need to:

    - create a controller in the cc-core/controllers/mobile directory
    - then create the corresponding view file in the cc-content/themes/{mobile_theme} directory
    - then you need to add the route to your new page in the /cc-core/lib/Router.php class
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    I could not resist =)))
    1. we need modify few files: ./cc-core/lib/App.php, ./cc-core/lib/Router.php
    2. add couple files: ./cc-core/controllers/mobile/page.php, ./cc-content/themes/mobile-default/page.phtml
    It can be buggy )
    I think that version 2.5 will be corrected without my help in github
  • use diff utility to find differences if you do not trust
  • ...
  • Thank you. I redid the web theme for mobile
  • Just a heads up, the mobile site will be getting removed in a future release. It will be replaced by fully responsive themes on desktop that adapt to mobile and tablet.

    This way you can keep one theme for all devices and control what functionality from desktop site is available on mobile/table devices. This is in a later release though, probably 2.6 or 2.7.

  • Excellent

  • Here is my mobile version
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