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How to add a vido manually after FTP upload?

I have some problems uploading a big file. Is it possible to add it manually, putting it inside the temp directory by FTP? What to do exactly?


  • You would have to upload the video via FTP to the uploads temp folder. Create the entry in the database with a random filename. Rename the video to that random filename. Then manually call the encode.php script inside /cc-core/system/encode.php with it's required parameters.

    This is something we have discussed we our team, to allow FTP upload of videos instead of HTTP uploads.
  • Thank you for the reply. I did like this:

    I uploaded a small TEST video so it is registered in the base and could see it in the "videos" table. Then I changed the name of this video with the name of my larger one, that I uploaded by FTP in the "Temp" directory.

    But here there is a problem: The "status" already shows "Pending approval"...

    I then executed the php script by SSH like this:

    php /[path tem directory]/mybigvideoname.mp4

    It shows nothing, the video IS in the pending ones on the website, and when I approve it I get... the TEST video that I uploaded!

    What should I change so that it works?!

    Thank you!
  • No more comment?
  • Well, no support at all. I understand that it is a free script but when an even free script has no support at all, better to use another one :) Moving to phpmotion.
  • Sorry you feel that way. I am not associated with the CC guys but do like to help out as much as I can here on the forums. These guys truly delivered - and continue to deliver - exceptional software and support, but like everyone else, have a regular job and a personal life as well. I for one was absent nearly all last week as well due to personal commitments, and that's just life.

    In any case, sorry to see you go and best of luck with phpmotion.

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