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Does anyone know how to successfully convert to webM instead of flv or mp4




  • You need to have the libvpx codecs installed and configured with FFMPEG. Then when you run the actual encoding command you need to specify the "-vcodec" as "libvpx".

    However, I believe you will have to modify several things within CumulusClips to actually look for the WebM file instead of FLV or MP4.
  • Fantastic! got it working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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    but for some reason the player skin is not loading now, its loading a browser based player?
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    SOLVED! Been working hard today! :)

    Upgraded the player to v.6 and added realtime seeking "YEAHHH BABY" :)

    "CumulusClips" I Salute You!

    :( webm not supported in Crappy IE yet :(
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