Different URL Settings for Videos & Thumbs

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I've changed the

FLV Video URL,
Mobile Video URL &
Thumbnail URL

In the admin/settings/video area from the default (cc-content/uploads) to a sub-domain on the same server:


All the old videos work perfect after i manually transferred them over to the new location, but any new videos and thumbnails will fail to upload to the new location and leave me manually moving the files from the default location to the new location.

Iv'e also chown'd & chmod'd 0777 with full Apache rights


Hope I made sense :(

Any-help would be appreciated...

Thanks you & Regards


  • Correct, the "URL" settings only affect already uploaded videos. They have no effect on new videos and you'll still have to move them over yourself. This feature is kind of useless to be honest, and will be removed in CumulusClips v2.
  • :(

    Could you tell or point me in the right direction as to where/what file/section of the script handles the upload locations of the media, so maybe i could have a go at changing the upload location or inserting an API to upload to a different server :)

    Thanks again Damian
  • no-woodies ;) sorted :)

    This script just keep's getting better a better the more i figure it out :)

    Thanks Damian for the Fantastic Script!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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