404 - Page Not Found (home page)

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Something happened with the index page. I still have full access to the uploaded videos. But when I go to the homepage of http://flmbctube.com I get the following:

404 - Page Not Found

The Page you're looking for either doesn't exist or was moved to another location.

Any assistance would be appreciated. I don't want to reinstall the script, if all it is, is a syntax error, and either a page to re-upload, or simply edit.


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    Okay, figured it out. Should this happen to anyone else, just delete the cc-core file (0 KB) in the root of your chat folder, and the index page will show up again without the error.

    Just in case something else was going on, I downloaded it first to my computer, then deleted it from the server. I then clicked on the link I have in the browser quick links bar, and voila!
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