Changing Video Titles

edited June 2012 in General
Where can you change the video titles of videos that have already been uploaded, and how do you put the description under the video when it's being watched?


  • The user who uploaded the video can change the video's title from My Account -> My Videos and clicking edit on the corresponding video. An admin can also edit a video from the admin panel.

    Moving the description around is a theming change. This can be done in the play.tpl file. Just move the tags where you want the description to appear.
  • What is the Show-hideblock thing? How do I make it so that people can share it on Facebook etc... as well as see the description is the Play.tpl file the page that the video is playing on?
  • And how do I make it so that more recent videos pop up on the front screen because I have my twitter on there; check out
  • Also how do I get the Account Login info above the Ad300 stuff?
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