Uploading video... not showing on website

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Hello, I just installed Cumulus.. when I upload video through admin, it works great. I attach a file, click on upload and wait until 100%. After that I fill the form and click on Add video. After that i get "Video has been created."

However, when i go to my website, there is no video. In admin, Browse Videos, it says No videos found.
But when I go to Video Categories it says General (4 videos) but I cannot see them anywhere.

Anybody has same problem or solution? Thanks a lot!!!


  • I have cumulus clips on web hosting without any access to command line.. what should i do?
  • If you follow the instructions on the link above it should fix your issue. If you don't have access to an a shell then I suggest you ask your web host for shell access. If they refuse then I can't think of anything else, maybe switch hosts.
  • They need to know what exactly this script needs CLI access for.
  • The script technically needs cli access to convert videos via FFMPEG. But be careful when you say "the script needs cli access" as that can be misconstrued as something else.

    In your case the one who needs cli access, albeit temporarily, is you in order to fix your video upload problem.
  • They told me I could only use ffmpeg and other tools to convert video via exec()
  • That fine. I think both you and your web host are confused.

    CumulusClips does use FFMPEG via exec(). The problem you're experiencing is setup related. That is why I had you read the article above so that you understand what you specifically need shell access for.

    I recommend you explain the problem you're having to your web host and tell them that we suggest following the above linked instructions. This can be done by either you or your host.
  • So we found the php cli path but now after uploading video it says in log: Unable to connect to database
  • Is this still an issue for you?

    If so, I'm assuming you're talking about the encoding logs. If so you should follow the instructions in the above tutorial. They explain that specific error you mentioned and how to fix it.
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    OK we are having this problem as well where some videos seem to get uploaded fine, but others do not (even if they "seem" to upload ok). Tried that "fix" in above link but apparently everything was set up fine.

    Just to add to that, smaller clips seem to work more than larger clips. Ones over 15MB don't seem to appear....

    I have confirmed that the actual clips ARE on the server in both the flv and mobile folders. So they are there, but not appearing on the site.

    Any ideas?
    Many thanks
  • @andododyu would you mind opening a seperate thread for you issue so that I may better assist you.

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